Lead Program*


Innovative Protection Insurance Services provides quality mortgage leads to agents by using a direct mail back response lead. It is our commitment to ensure that the quality of your leads is never compromised, and to ensure that you receive the best lead support available.

  • Initial Start-Up Fee-- $595 (25 leads)
  • Commissions are 80-100% with annualization
  • Agent must contract with our carriers
  • All contracts must be received at our office prior to agents receiving leads
  • Mandatory Weekly Report due Monday by 11 a.m. (no report, no leads)
  • 90% of agents on this program receive FREE leads.
  • Free lead incentives based on calendar-month paid premium  (all carriers combined). See guideline below


$6,000$7,999                                                                             25 Free Leads

$8,000 +                                                                                        40 Free Leads



(Click here for Lead Purchase Form )



*Lead program subject to change without notice