FAQ - "Can new agents benefit from your program?"

Answer - Yes... Whether you've been in this business for 20 years or one month you'll find that our ongoing support and training is extremely beneficial. One of the biggest problems in our industry is most agents are not receiving quality training. We give you all the basic and advanced techniques needed for your desired outcomes.

FAQ - "What makes your lead program unique?"

Answer - Mortgage data are compiled weekly from multiple data sources.  We also mail new homeowners in your territory weekly using first class mail. Leads are received daily to our office and faxed to our agents ASAP. And lastly, our programs offer free lead incentives! (Link to Lead Program )

FAQ - "What kind of leads are they?"

Answer - They are exclusive (hot) leads completed by the new homeowner; we do not send the same leads to agents in your territory.

FAQ - "What is the average income level of your agents?"

Answer - Our agents average $125,000 per year.

FAQ - "Can I recruit/contract agents under me and receive overrides? "

Answer - Absolutely! Many of our agents take advantage of this opportunity and increase their yearly income at least 25%.